How Chiropractic Care Restores Health and Wellness

Chiropractic is the world’s leading drug-free, non-surgical approach to health and wellness. We focus on improving the structural integrity of the body, primarily the spine. This improves your ability to heal and prevents injury by removing nerve interference and improving the communication between the brain and the rest of the body.

We utilize a variety of methods to correct spinal misalignments, the root cause of pain and other issues in your body. We can perform spinal manipulations by hand or use specialized tools and devices such as traction massage. These systems of rollers and pulleys gently stretch your back, reducing pressure on the discs and allowing your body’s natural painkillers, endorphins, to be released. We also have an array of electrical stimulation devices such as TENS units to reduce pain signals from the spinal cord and block out painful stimuli from traveling up the spinal nerves.

The spine is the foundation of our nervous system, and networks of nerves that send messages to every part of the body pass through the spine. During periods of chronic stress, muscles can become tight and put unnatural pressure on the spinal discs, creating subluxations (misalignments). Spinal adjustments remove this pressure, freeing these nerves to communicate effectively with the body, decreasing pain and improving health.

Studies have shown that if the nervous system is functioning optimally, your immune system functions at its best as well. Our chiropractors have extensive knowledge of the connection between the nervous system and the immune system, helping to restore proper alignment in the spine and ensuring that your nervous system is communicating with your immune system properly, thus enhancing a healthy response to disease.

Chiropractic care can help to promote healthy sleep patterns and normalize circadian rhythms, thereby improving overall health and wellness. Getting regular chiropractic care can also enhance your performance, boost energy levels and improve mood. In addition, the body’s natural resilience to stress is enhanced through regular chiropractic treatments.

If you are suffering from neck pain, headaches or low back pain, call us today to schedule an appointment with our renowned team of Atlanta chiropractor. We will customize a treatment plan for your specific needs that may include spinal manipulations, joint mobilizations, soft tissue therapy and corrective exercises. We look forward to assisting you on your journey toward wellness!

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